A little rain never hurt anyone, but in the event we need to cancel lessons due to unsafe conditions, we will contact you via phone/text/email as soon as possible. Texas weather is unpredictable, as we all know, so unless notified lessons are still in session. In the event that we cancel your class due to weather, you will be eligible for a credit or make-up class.
Every child learns and progresses at their own pace, so we cannot say a set amount of time it will take a student to learn to swim. Because of our one on one focused classes, students typically pick up swimming skills quickly.
We have you covered with all the toys and fun in the water. All you need is a swimsuit, a towel, and a change of clothes. Goggles are not necessary until level 3, Swimming Independently. For individuals with long hair we recommend a swim cap or hair tie to keep hair out of your face.
Don’t worry, our instructors are well trained for managing this, and our lessons are planned to help all swimmers build trust with their instructor and become comfortable in the water before we work on skill development. Soon those tears will become smiles. Remember, less worry, more fun!
Positivity is the best medicine. Simply talking to your student about swim classes during the week and praising even the smallest accomplishments will go a long way. Remember, this is a journey and supposed to be a happy time, no pressure needed! If you ever have a question about specific skills you can practice at home, please don’t hesitate to ask your instructor!
No matter the reason, let us know at least 24 hours in advance and you can reschedule for a makeup lesson during any open class throughout the week. Unfortunately, you will not be eligible for a makeup lesson if notified within 24 hours for any reason, including illnesses. If a makeup lesson is missed, it cannot be rescheduled. Make-up lessons cannot be used toward monthly tuition.
Nope! All of our classes are private lessons, so it’ll just be the instructor and your little one together. While the beginning may be a little rough being away from mom and dad, we encourage you to stay close by and watch the progression of them go from crying to splashing and having fun in the water.
Of course, because we focus on private lessons, each class is tailored to each individual's needs, no matter your ability. At Little Swimsters everyone is special, every swimmer gets necessary attention to detail they deserve helping them build confidence in the water even with disabilities. No special programs here.
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