Our Swim School

The Shoal

Technically speaking- it’s a large number of fish who stick together while swimming.

At Little Swimsters, we want to create a family environment, therefore all of us collectively, are the shoal. We’re on a mission to see individuals of all backgrounds love swimming but also understand how to be safe.

Once you’re apart of our family (the shoal), you’re here forever whether currently swimming or not!

Welcome to the shoal!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a fun, loving, and memorable experience in the water. Our goal is to end drowning and create safer aquatic environments by professionally guiding individuals gain confidence in the water.

Core Values


Safety is our top priority. We will strive to provide swimmers and parents with the knowledge of water safety in and around the water.


Community engagement is key to our success; without you there is no us. We will continually spread the importance of drowning prevention while getting to understand how we can better serve you.


We are constantly learning new techniques and skills to teach. We want our swimmers, staff, and families to progress daily. Growth and change always comes with positive development and we are open to adapting to the 'new'.

Our Team

Coach Faith

Coach Jadon

Coach James

Coach Stephanie

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Coach Stephanie

I am a senior and born and raised in Houston. Some of the things I enjoy outside of work are hanging out with my close friends and family, going shopping, trying new things, and sleeping. I have 3 siblings and I am the oldest, which in my hispanic household, makes me like a second mom to my siblings. I love meeting and getting to know new people. My future goal is to become an ultrasound technician. I love working at Little Swimsters because I get to meet new swimmers and become friends as well as see them accomplish their goals. My personal motto would be “everything in life happens for a reason”

Coach James

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Coach Jadon

I am a sophomore and my passions include swimming, cars, and eating. I love working at Little Swimsters because I get to share my passion for the water with as many people as possible and I love being able to be a part of each swimmer’s story. My personal motto would be get the big picture stuff figured out and the rest will fall into place. One of my favorite sports teams is the Houston Astros.

Coach Faith

I am a senior in high school who enjoys reading, taking pictures, cooking, eating, and sleeping. I have a huge, loud family with people of all ages, so I love kids and interacting with people! I’m Vietnamese and Chinese and I have a twin brother as well as two younger brothers. My favorite color is green, and I love pad thai. In the future I’d like to become a registered nurse but I love my current role at Little Swimsters! I love working at Little Swimsters, being able to interact with all the swimmers, and being able to see and play a role in their growth and accomplishments. My personal motto would be “no one will remember in two weeks, so choose whether or not you want them to”.